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How to Convince Your Loved One with Dementia to Take Medication

How to Convince Your Loved One with Dementia to Take Medication

Non-medical care is often needed by seniors who can no longer handle doing every day things by themselves.

For seniors with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, they need assistance in taking medications.

The risk of missing a dose or confusing pills is so high for these individuals, someone should oversee the process, making it important for these individuals to acquire personal care services in Georgia.

How do you handle situations when your loved one resists taking medication? This can be for a variety of reasons—they don’t remember or understand why they need to take it, or they don’t want to take orders and feel like they’re not in control.

You don’t want to force someone to take their medication, but you also know some medications are critical to a person’s health. With a little creativity and flexibility, you can help your loved one feel more comfortable about taking their medicine.

Here are a couple of ways you can convince your loved one to take their meds.

  • Find the best time of day.
    The time of day for someone to medicate isn’t always set in stone. One of the advantages of homecare in Springfield, Georgia is the flexibility it offers in terms of the individual’s routine. Try giving your loved one their medicine when they’re most open to taking it.
  • Take note of frequency, delivery methods, and the number of medications.
    Consult your loved one’s physician for any alternatives that may make it easier for you to administer medication.
  • Explain things in simple terms to your loved one.
    People with dementia refuse to take their medication if they don’t understand or have lost track of why they need to medicate.
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